Outerspace can provide a comprehensive garden design and landscape service, but we’re also happy to offer any of our services on a stand alone basis. If you have a clear idea of what you want, we can provide advice on construction and materials, together with a quotation, free of charge. If you need some help realising the potential of your outdoor space, we offer a fixed price design package which works like this:


Initial Consultation – where we listen, throw ideas around and assess the scope of the project. We do this for free. Partly because we love it, partly because it might lead to…

…the nitty gritty, which begins with a Site Survey. It’s tape measures at the ready, as we ascertain dimensions, levels, services, aspect and any key elements to be retained. All this information is loaded onto a CAD system and a detailed photographic record of the garden is made, including key views from windows, to assist the design process.

Which continues with the Design Briefing, where we explore the opportunities and constraints of your particular space. We chew over the survey information and expand upon ideas from the initial consultation discussion. We’ll bring in an image bank to inspire fresh ideas and add focus to the briefing process.

Once we’re all happy with the direction the design’s taking, there’s a Design Presentation.  Proposals are presented in plan format with supporting source images, sketches and material samples, so you can see and feel your new garden take (virtual) shape. We can also fine tune the proposal at this stage, refining the design until you’re completely satisfied.

Although consideration of plants is at the heart of the process from an early stage, it’s not until the final garden design is ready that we overlay a detailed Planting Plan. This sets out specific plants in exact locations and quantities. Don’t worry, we’ll bring pictures of the plants along too, to help you visualise their full-grown splendour.


Build Assessment a site visit to assess the garden build is essential. As well as analysing how the design would be implemented, we would scrutinise the levels, drainage and access requirements, which would be specific to your garden.

An accurate CAD plan is invaluable when putting together the Project Costing, it allows materials to be precisely calculated and not just estimated. When generating a costing, we work through the construction of the garden in detail so you can be confident that every aspect of the build has been carefully considered. The structure of a costing can be tailored to the project, phasing or sections can be incorporated, however we would typically generate an overall costing summary with accompanying notes.

Once the cost summary has been approved a Landscape Specification is generated prior to any work taking place. It takes the form of a letter which sets out the build process and the material specification. It is written in plain English and captures all the discussions and decisions which have been made leading up to the garden build.

ConstructionOur build teams work year round and in all weathers. Poor weather rarely disrupts our progress for more than a day or so. We aim to complete your project in an efficient and continuous timeframe with the minimum disruption to you and your neighbours. However, it is not always possible to plant in the coldest months so installation may need follow on from the completed build.

Aftercare – taking ownership of your new garden is an exciting prospect but it can be daunting depending on how green-fingered you are! We provide initial support and point you in the right direction for ongoing lawn and planting maintenance. Any other concerns just give us a ring!