London Courtyard Garden

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Country Courtyard

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Entrance Courtyard

This narrow courtyard garden opens off the most frequently used property entrance and forms a vital link between the front and back gardens. Previously designed and landscaped 10 years ago, our client was keen to repeat some of the elements of the previous scheme but to re-invent them to resolve the apparent design and construction issues. The pebble mosaics of … Read More

Small Courtyard Garden

This small but intimate courtyard was the only private outdoor space available to our clients. The existing space was difficult to maintain with algae covered walls and paving in winter and a mass of accumulated pots and planters. Privacy was also compromised by an adjacent development, so additional screening was required without sacrifice to natural light. Our aim was to create … Read More

Clifton Courtyard

Small spaces often demand resourceful design solutions, within this compact courtyard we managed to combine a number of elements whilst still maintaining a feeling of open space. The courtyard is the only private outdoor space for a Georgian town house and despite its period setting, our client was keen to create a contemporary feel. This was achieved with clean lines … Read More

Contemporary Courtyard

Gardens that evolve organically over a period of time can lack cohesion; overgrown plants engulf areas and distort the shape and flow of the available space. This courtyard garden was a case in point, however existing features should not be overlooked as they can be successfully incorporate a new scheme with some careful adjustments. The pond and some of the … Read More

Sunken Courtyard Garden

This sunken garden has a rural setting with surrounding parkland gardens and a warm, sunny aspect. The brief was to create an outdoor area that would extend and compliment the open plan living space. The key feature and focal point within the garden was the outdoor fireplace. This monolithic structure was built into the retaining surrounding walls and works on … Read More

Shaded Courtyard

The high surrounding walls of this city courtyard garden create deep shade in all areas for a proportion of the day. Our clients had made a valiant attempt to grow a circular lawn but their efforts were rewarded with a thin and muddy patch! Our solution was to create a circular paved alternative, we selected a pale yellow limestone which … Read More

Courtyard Drive

This courtyard is tucked down a narrow lane in central Clifton behind tall wooden gates. It serves both as a courtyard and a driveway access to covered parking spaces beyond. The natural stone cobbles are laid in an intricate arrangement and fall to a central drain which was reclaimed from the original driveway. Reclaimed pennant stone cobbles form a threshold … Read More